Sacred Inca Scrub – 100% Natural – 320g


Inca mineral salt, straight from the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Contains 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium

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Body Purifier – Inca Salt Scrub


✔ Inca Salt
✔ Eucaliptus Oil
✔ Natural Glycerine
✔ Almond Oil

Reviving Ancient Wisdom: The Intention Behind This Product

When using this crafted product, take your time and be present. Can salt and water cleanse your energy? Absolutely! Regular Spiritual Baths with salt and water have incredible energy cleansing power. Understanding your Aura is key before diving into how these salt baths serve as spiritual cleansers.

What is the Aura?
It encompasses air, feeling, mood, spirit, and vibe—your distinctive atmosphere.

Why Cleanse Your Energy?
Like needing a bath after a few days, your energy needs cleansing too. Salt baths, or spiritual baths, nurture aura health, eliminating negativity causing demotivation and unhappiness.

Oil in Ancient times
Essential oils and Sacred salt relax the body, raising vibrational frequencies for well-being.

Intention of Spiritual Baths
Imagine light surrounding you post-bath, feeling cleansed with elevated frequencies.

Salt and its Ancient History

Greek and Egyptian Medicine:
Hippocrates and ancient Egyptians utilized salt baths for healing and therapeutic purposes.

Inca Culture:
The Incas used Maras salt pans in purification rituals for centuries.

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Weight 320 g
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Almond oil, Lavender, Roses


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