Natural Inca Scrub Lavendel 200g


Inca mineral salt, straight from the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Contains 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium

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Inca Salt Scrub Lavendel


✔ Inca Salt
✔ Lavendel flower Oil
✔ Natural Glycerine
✔ Almond and Lavendel Oil

Our packaging concept

Embracing simplicity while reducing plastic waste, our products encourage reusing household jars for blending our natural ingredients. Transforming oils, Inca salt, and lavender into a luxurious scrub is effortless and eco-friendly, allowing you to create your perfect blend in seconds.

Natural Inca Salt Scrub – Body Purifier

The Intention of this Lovingly Made Product is to Revive Ancient Wisdom and Traditions –
When you decide to use this divine product take your time and be fully present.

Purify Your Energy

Did you ever think that just salt and water can cleanse your energy? If you are still
wondering, the answer is YES, IT CAN! You just need to regularly use
Spiritual Baths. Just salt and water, combined, have some serious energy
cleansing power. It is needed to know about your Aura first, and then
learn how theses salt baths can be spiritual baths for you.

What is the Aura?

air * feeling * mood * spirit * vibe. Distinctive atmosphere or
associated with something. It should be known that the energy inside our
body is not just restricted to our physical body only. All humans are
surrounded by the extensions of our physical body; this is called the
energy field of our body or the AURA.”

Why Should You Cleanse Your Energy?

The spiritual bath or cleansing bath, You feel disgusted with yourself when
you have not taken a bath for a couple of days, right? it is the same;
your energy needs to be cleansed time after time.

The ancient easy way to do that is to have a salt bath – also known as spiritual bath.
These spiritual baths take care of the auras’s health and well being.
All the negative energy inside you that can demotivate you, result a
lack of confidence, or make you feel unhappy and depressed all the time,
will be cleansed by the spiritual bath.

Oil in Ancient times

“Holistic Health Essential oil and Sacred salt: These ingredients are a relaxing
antidote for your body which will raise your vibrational frequencies.
Hippocrates The Father of Western Medicine also recommended daily
bathing and massage with fragrant oils for optimum health. Ancient
Egyptian papyri contain formulas for hundreds of spiritual as well as
physical uses of oils.”

Intention of the Spiritual Baths

Now that your bath has ended, you need to give yourself a moment of peace
of mind and imagine light surrounding you, it is then that you will
believed and feel you have been cleansed and your vibrational
frequencies have been raised. These spiritual baths are known to be very
effective and are worth trying if you want the negativity out of your
life. Get rid of the negativity and give your body the cleanliness it

Salt and its Ancient History

Salt in Greek Medicine

Hippocrates The Father of Medicine (circa 460-370 BC) encouraged his
followers to use salts for their healing properties, thus began the rise
of bath salts as a form of medicine. In ancient times, warm salt water
was used to treat sore muscles and even arthritis.<br>The therapeutic
and medicinal properties of salt baths and sea water were first
discovered by Hippocrates (circa 460-370 BC). Cleopatra herself would
bathe in the clear waters of the Dead Sea and the ancient Greeks often
frequented sea resorts to cure skin ailments, they found that salt water
was extremely effective at soothing pain and quelling infection. These
historical figures were all onto something! Modern science and countless
well-documented health benefits recently confirm what Hippocrates
believed to be true.

Hippocrates even recommends daily bathing and
massage with fragrant oils for optimum health. The ancient Greeks also
used medicinal baths of minerals, salts and herbal infusions for
therapeutic purposes. At this early time, it was already believed that a
bath salts could draw toxins out of the body.

Salt in Egyptian Medicine

Salt is mentioned as an essential ingredient in medical science in some
of the oldest medical scripts. The ancient Egyptian papyrus Smith,
which is thought to refer to the famous master-builder and doctor
Imhotep of the third pre-Christian millennium, recommends salt for the
treatment of an infected chest wound. The belief was that salt would dry
out and disinfect the wound (b). The papyrus Ebers (1600 B.C.)
describes many salt recipes especially for making laxatives and
anti-infectives. They were dispensed in either liquid, suppository or
ointment form. For instance, there was a suppository containing honey,
vegetable seeds and ocean salt that was used as a laxative and one with
incense, vegetable seeds, fat, oil and ocean salt against anal
infections. Salt-based remedies were also prescribed for callous skin,
epidemic diseases, to check bleeding, as an eye ointment, and to
accelerate childbirth (a vaginal suppository.

Salt in the Inca Culture

The salt pans of Maras have been used for the past five centuries to
mine salt in the Sacred Valley. Incas engaged in salt rituals of
purification, casting out sickness and bad spirits.

“You are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World”

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Almond oil, Lavender, Roses


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